Pinacotheca Philosophica

Philosophy and Philosophers in Art


James William (1842-1910)

·         Persons related to William James:

o        LaFarge. Portrait of Henry James, the Novelist (brother to William James, 1843-1916) (1862, New York, The Century Association)

o        Sargent. Henry James (brother to William James, 1843-1916) (1913, London, National Gallery)

Jefferson Thomas (1743-1826)

·         David Jean-Pierre. Thomas Jefferson (c. 1832, Paris, Musée du Louvre)

·         David Jean-Pierre. Thomas Jefferson (c. 1833, Boston, Museum of Fine Arts)

·         David Jean-Pierre. Thomas Jefferson: late 19th-century cast after model dated 1832-1833 (after 1892, Washington, National Gallery of Art)

·         Févret de Saint-Mémin. Thomas Jefferson (1804, Worcester, Massachusetts, Art Museum)

·         Houdon. Bust of Thomas Jefferson (1789, Boston, Museum of Fine Arts)

·         Peale Rembrandt. Thomas Jefferson (c. 1802-1803, Washington, The White House Collection)

·         Peale Rembrandt. Thomas Jefferson (1805, New York, New York Historical Society)

Ji Yesee: Wan Xi-tong

Jiao Xun (Ruo Hou, 1540-1620)

·         Unknown Artist (20th century). Jiao Xun

John Chrysostomsee: Chrysostom, John

John of Damascus (John Damascene, c. 650 – c. 750)

·         Greek Icon Painter (14th century). St. John of Damascus

Julian (Flavius Claudius Julianus, Julian the Apostate, 331/332-363)

·         German Artist (19th century). Julian: Illustration from Galerie der alten Griechen und Römer (1801, Augsburg)