Fundamentals of Philosophy

PowerPoint Presentations of Lectures
(in English)


o   Topic 1. The Subject of Philosophy and the Character of Philosophic Knowledge (1.30 MB).

o   Topic 2.1. From Thales to Zeno: Early Greek Philosophy of Nature (1.33 MB).

o   Topic 2.2. Ancient Atomism: Substantiation of Materialism (855 KB).

o   Topic 2.3. Plato: Substantiation of Idealism (1.71 MB).

o   Topic 2.4. Aristotle: The Structure of Reality and the Structure of Knowledge.

o   Topic 2.5. Epicureans and Stoics: Philosophy as the Art of Living.

o   Topic 2.6. Ancient Scepticism.

o   Topic 3.1. God, Man, and History: Patristic Philosophy.

o   Topic 3.2. God, Nature, and Reason: Scholastic Philosophy.

o   Topic 4.1. Francis Bacon: Substantiation of Empiricism.

o   Topic 4.2. René Descartes and Benedict Spinoza: Substantiation of Rationalism.

o   Topic 4.3. John Locke and Gottfried Leibniz: Ontological Foundations and the Nature of Human Understanding.

o   Topic 4.4. George Berkeley and David Hume: Idealism Ontological and Epistemological.

o   Topic 5.1. Kant’s Theory of Knowledge.

o   Topic 5.2. Kant’s Moral Philosophy.

o   Topic 5.3. Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel: Absolute Idealism.

o   Topic 6.1. Westernizers, Slavophiles, and Eurasianists: Search for Cultural Identity.

o   Topic 6.2. Vladimir Solovyov: Philosophy of Absolute Unity.



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