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B.A. in Government and International Affairs
School of Government and International Affairs

Alexander Shishkin Department of Philosophy

The Basics of Philosophy (Philosophy)
Examination Tickets
2018/19 School Year

Ticket 1.

1.     The subject of philosophy and the character of philosophic knowledge.

2.     Francis Bacon. Novum Organum.  Book I, Aphorisms I‑LXX.


Ticket 2.

1.     The ontology of Stoicism.

2.     René Descartes. Meditations on First PhilosophyThe First, Second & Third Meditations.


Ticket 3.

1.     The philosophy of the Milesian School.

2.     George Berkeley. Three Dialogues between Hylas and Philonous.  The First Dialogue.


Ticket 4.

1.     The philosophy of Heracleitus.

2.     Kants theory of sensuous cognition (the transcendental aesthetic).


Ticket 5.

1.     The philosophy of the Eleatic school.

2.     Kants theory of rational understanding (the transcendental analytic).


Ticket 6.

1.     The ontology of Ancient atomism.

2.     Kants critique of metaphysics (the transcendental dialectic).


Ticket 7.

1.     Sophists and Socrates.

2.     Frances Bacons inductive method.


Ticket 8.

1.     Platos theory of Forms (Ideas).

2.     Spinozas version of rationalism.


Ticket 9.

1.     The ethics of Stoicism.

2.     Hegels dialectics.


Ticket 10.

1.     The ethics of the Cyrenaic school.

2.     Descartes ontology.


Ticket 11.

1.     Philosophy of the Cynic school.

2.     Descartes epistemology.


Ticket 12.

1.     Aristotles ontology.

2.     John Locke versus Gottfried Leibniz: the problem of innate knowledge.


Ticket 13.

1.     Aristotles epistemology.

2.     Medieval theodicy.


Ticket 14.

1.     Aristotles criticism of the Platonic theory of forms (ideas) (Metaphysics.  Book I, Ch. 9).

2.     Humes skepticism.


Ticket 15.

  1. Ancient skepticism.
  2. Leibnizs ontology.


Ticket 16.

1.     Plato. Meno.

2.     The evolution of Western empiricism in the 17th and 18th centuries.


Ticket 17.

1.     Epicurus. Letter to Menoeceus.

2.     Kants theory of knowledge.


Ticket 18.

1.     Platos theory of knowledge.

2.     The major stages in the development of Western philosophy.


Ticket 19.

1.     Aristotle on the kinds of knowledge and the subject of philosophy (Metaphysics.  Book I, Ch. 1‑2).

2.     The evolution of Western rationalism in the 17th and 18th centuries.


Ticket 20.

1.     Aristotles logic.

2.     The evolution of Western empiricism in the 17th and 18th centuries.


Ticket 21.

1.     The problem of universals in Medieval philosophy.

2.     George Berkeleys epistemology and ontology.


Ticket 22.

1.     The problem of Gods existence in Medieval philosophy.

2.     Hegels philosophical system.


Ticket 23.

1.     Aristotle on the beginnings of philosophy (Metaphysics.  Book I, Ch. 3‑8).

2.     Karl Marx: the materialist conception of history.


Ticket 24.

1.     The epistemology of Ancient atomism.

2.     Karl Marx concept of alienated labour.