Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO-University)

School of Government and International Affairs
& Alexander Shishkin Department of Philosophy

The Basics of Philosophy (Philosophy)

Schedule of Lectures
for the Academic Year 2023/24

Nikolai Biryukov, Associate Professor, Candidate of Philosophy




Lecture 1

The Subject of Philosophy and the Nature of Philosophical Knowledge.

Sept. 5

Lecture 2

From Thales to Zeno: Early Greek Philosophy of Nature.

Sept. 12

Lecture 3

Ancient Atomism: Substantiation of Materialism.

Sept. 19

Lecture 4

Plato: Substantiation of Idealism.

Sept. 26

Lecture 5

Aristotle's Ontology: The Structure of Reality.

Oct. 3

Lecture 6

Aristotle's Epistemology: The Structure of Knowledge.

Oct. 10

Lecture 7

Aristotle's Logic: The Tool and Language of Thought.

Oct. 17

Lecture 8

Epicureans and Stoics: Philosophy as the Art of Living.

Oct. 24

Lecture 9

Ancient Skepticism: The Uncertainty of Knowledge.

Oct. 31

Lecture 10

Western Medieval Philosophy.

Nov. 7

Lecture 11

Francis Bacon: Substantiation of Empiricism.

Nov. 14

Lecture 12

René Descartes and Benedict Spinoza: Substantiation of Rationalism.

Nov. 21

Lecture 13

Locke and Leibniz: The Ontological Foundations and the Nature of Human Understanding.

Nov. 28

Lecture 14

George Berkeley and David Hume: Idealism Ontological and Epistemological.

Dec. 5

Lecture 15

Kant's Theory of Knowledge.

Dec. 12

Lecture 16

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel: Absolute Idealism.

Dec. ?

Lecture 17

Karl Marx: Historical Materialism.  

Dec. 19