Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO-University)

School of Government and International Affairs
& Alexander Shishkin Department of Philosophy

The Basics of Philosophy (Philosophy)

Schedule of Tutorials
for the Academic Year 2022/23

Seminar Group 1

Nikolai Biryukov, Associate Professor, Candidate of Philosophy




Tutorial 1

The Subject of Philosophy and the Nature of Philosophical Knowledge.

Sept. 15

Tutorial 2

Dispute. The Philosophy of the Eleatic School: Pro et Contra. Are the Paradoxical Conclusions of the Eleatics Refutable?

Sept. 29

Tutorial 3

Ancient Atomism: Substantiation of Materialism.
Plato: Substantiation of Idealism.

Oct. 13

Tutorial 4

The Philosophy of Aristotle.

Oct. 27

Tutorial 5

Dispute. Skepticism: Pro et Contra. Is Reliable Knowledge Possible?

Nov. 10

Tutorial 6

Dispute. Nominalism versus Realism. Are Universal Entities Feasible? How Is Knowledge of Particulars Possible?

Nov. 24

Tutorial 7

Francis Bacon: Substantiation of Empiricism.
René Descartes and Benedict Spinoza: Substantiation of Rationalism.

Dec. 8

Tutorial 8

Dispute. Empiricism versus Rationalism. Is Experience the Sufficient Basis of Reliable Knowledge? Is the Concept of Innate Knowledge Feasible?

Dec. 19

Tutorial 9

The Classical German Philosophy.

Dec. 22