Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO-University)

School of Government and International Affairs
& Alexander Shishkin Department of Philosophy


Schedule of Lectures
for the Academic Year 2021/22

Nikolai Biryukov, Associate Professor, Candidate of Philosophy




Lecture 1

The Subject and Laws of Logic

Sept. 8

Lecture 2

Concept as a Form of Thought

Sept. 22

Lecture 3

Logical Operations on Concepts

Oct. 6

Lecture 4

Proposition as a Form of Thought

Oct. 20

Lecture 5

Immediate Inferences

Nov. 3

Lecture 6

Categorical Syllogism

Nov. 17

Lecture 7

Figures and Moods of Categorical Syllogism

Dec.. 1

Lecture 8

Hypothetical and Disjunctive Syllogisms

Enthymemes and Polysyllogisms

Dec. 15