The Russian [Republican] Znanie [Knowledge] Society (the USSR)
Lecturer (1978-1988)

        The Eighth International Congress on Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science (Moscow, the USSR)
Interpreter (1987)

        Analytical Centre for Problems of Socioeconomic and Scientific/Technological Development
(in 1993 renamed Centre for Analysis of Scientific and Industrial Policies), the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow, Russia)
Senior Researcher (1991-1997)

        Making Parliament and Its Fractions Work: Seminar for Members of the Russian Supreme Soviet
sponsored by the Know-How Fund, the
Westminster Foundation for Democracy and the University of Leeds (London Leeds, the United Kingdom)
Simultaneous Translator (1993)

        The University of Leeds (Leeds, the United Kingdom)
Visiting Scholar (1993)
Research Collaborator (1993-1996)

        The University of Princeton (Princeton, the USA)
Visiting Scholar, International Studies Program Title VI (1993)

        Uppsala University (Uppsala, Sweden)
Visiting Scholar (1994)

        The State Duma,
Committee on Education, Science and Culture
Subcommittee on Science (Moscow, Russia)
Expert (1994-1995)

        The Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society (Stockholm, Sweden)
Visiting Lecturer (1996)

        The Russian Foundation for Basic Research (Moscow, Russia)
Expert (1996-2002)

        Moscow University Touro (Moscow, Russia)
Lecturer (1997)

        Moscow International School of Translation and Interpreting (Moscow, Russia)
Lecturer (1998-2003)

        The United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs
Workshop on Innovation in the Delivery and Financing of Social Services (New York, the USA)
Expert (1998)

        The Russian State University of Humanities (Moscow, Russia)
Faculty of Philosophy, Political Science and Law
Lecturer (2001-2008)

        Institute of Journalism and Literary Work (Moscow, Russia)
Lecturer (2003-2005)

        Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies (Honolulu, Hawaii, the U.S.A.)
Executive Course 03-3
Fellow (2003)

        Bulletin of the Russian Philosophical Society (Moscow, Russia)
Member, Editorial Board (since 2004)

        Provisional World Parliament
delegate member, the Ninth Session (2006)

        Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy (until 2010 The Institute for the Economy in Transition)
Lecturer (since 2008)


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